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**Sup sup, the owner of this blog is a socially awkward, neurotic and cynical piece of poop. But she is also very nice and welcomes any asks or general banter.**

My blog is generally full of anime. Because I am a weeaboo poopbag.

I also have interests in sci-fi, fantasy, LARP, video games, and a whole array of really nerdy bullshit. (my non nerdy interests are based around nature and wildlife, cycling, and world history.)

Cosplayer, psych student, occasional drawerer of things. Can be found lurking around West Yorkshire, England. Really into Dangan Ronpa and Hatoful Boyfriend. Kinda looks a bit like a teenage boy.

Also Mukuro Ikusaba is my waifu. 

Also I am hardcore filthy rinharu shipping scum.
Posted on 11th Apr at 2:37 PM

I come back after like 2 days and I swear I’ve lost a follower since reblogging loads of pictures of Komaeda’s ass. Look, you follow me, you get all my cravings for the asses of fictional characters, that is the deal here.

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